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« Today with Kathie Lee & Hoda (HD, New) Actress Jennifer Connelly from "Only the Brave"; "Ambush Makeover"; "Everyone Has a Story."
The Doctors Elementary School Field Trip to Gun Range? The Antibiotic Debate: Superbug (New, TV-PG) Students go on a field trip to a shooting range; antibiotics that could harm users; Roselyn Sanchez, her husband and Eric Winter reveal their pregnancy secret.
Early Today (New, TV-G) A comprehensive first look at overnight news events from the nation and the world includes weather, business, entertainment and sports reports.
NewsChannel 8 Today at 4:30 (New) The NewsChannel 8 Morning Team provides a comprehensive look at updated news events, a detailed and up-to-the-minute weather forecast and sports scores.
NewsChannel 8 Today at 5:00 (New) Local, regional and national news events are reported by the NewsChannel 8 Team, along with business news, sports, area weather conditions and traffic details.

« Mannix The Falling Star (TV-PG) An arrogant movie star's plan to announce her upcoming autobiography is interrupted by an attack when a bomb goes off; she hires Mannix to investigate.
Cannon Murder for Murder (TV-PG) A young woman finds out her sister had died in the home of two brothers who run a cosmetics company; she comes to Frank Cannon to investigate the circumstances.
77 Sunset Strip Two and Two Make Six (TV-PG) A private eye who works out of an office at 77 Sunset Strip in Hollywood as his cases lead him all over the world.
Highway Patrol Art Robbery (TV-PG) Two thieves attempt to steal priceless paintings and demand a ransom of $500,000, but are forced to commit murder when the plan goes awry.

Killer Mysteries (HD, TV-14)
Forensic Files (TV-14) Investigators solve puzzling crimes through the close examination of evidence using the most recent advances in state-of-the-art forensic technology.
Entertainment Tonight (HD, New, TV-PG) Musicians Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt and Jason Aldean are met in Nashville, Tenn.; Luke Bryan offers musician Keith Urban advice about the series "American Idol."
Judge Mathis (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) A woman sues her former friend for allegedly driving her automobile while intoxicated without her permission, which resulted in damage to the vehicle.
Shepherd's Chapel (TV-G) From his nondenominational church in Gravette, Ark., Pastor Arnold Murray gives an in-depth analysis of the Bible, covering the entire book verse by verse.

« Simon & Simon The Club Murder Vacation (TV-PG) Cecelia, Rick and A.J. decide to take a short vacation at a California resort, but a surprising turn of events leads A.J. to witness what seems to be a murder.
Make Room for Daddy Gina from Italy (TV-G) Danny anxiously awaits the arrival of Italian exchange student, Gina Minelli, as the family do everything they can to welcome the homesick girl.
Make Room for Daddy Shirley Jones Makes Good (TV-G) Danny learns that his old friend's daughter, Shirley, is in town and looking for work, but when Danny meets her, he isn't impressed.
The Dick Van Dyke Show My Blonde-Haired Brunette (TV-G) Laura starts to believe that her husband may not find her attractive anymore, missing the youthful and loving wife she once was; Rob just wants to sleep.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Forty-Four Tickets (TV-G) Rob has asked the PTA to come to a taping of The Alan Brady Show, but when the president of the PTA comes by to receive the tickets, Rod is in trouble.
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